Red Chilli Pickle (Stuffed)

The King Among its Cousins

Red Chilli Pickle:  Sounds fiery!!! Isn't it, but it is a classic variant and the most preferred one in North India with Parathas. The red Chilli pickle is not quite the usual one. Made from exclusive variety of Red Chillies, stuffed with zesty spices, that will sabotage the hot nature of the main ingredient that is Red Chillies. This stuffed Variant of Red Chilli Pickle is traditionally prepared to procure its rustic feel. This pickle is not terribly spicy but has the tangy, bitter and spice tastes all merged together to make it really irresistible. We guarantee you this one will have you licking your plate; your fingers and making you go smack with your tongue!! Get ready to get mesmerised by this age old and traditional method of pickling straight from the veteran hands!

Functional Benefits: The Red chilli Pickle Sounds Fiery but it keeps your body well-nourished with assorted vitamins and minerals. Capsaicin, the most important element of Red Chilli is a panacea for curing migraine problem in long term. As scientifically proven Red Chilies are said to improve hoarseness of voice as well as eye sight.  In compliance to the popular belief Red Chilli Pickle is a must have for every household in all seasons.

Homemade quality Product

Ingredients : This product contains the goodness of Red Chilli, Mustard Oil, Dried Mango Powder, Common Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Fennel Seed Powder, Coriander Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Black Salt, Bishop’s Weed, Other Spices & Condiments

Pack Size : Red Chilli Pickle 200 Grams, Red Chilli Pickle 400 Grams